I somehow accidentally got off-kilter in my blogging schedule. So I’m posting two this week because I’m not sure which one belongs where.

For how I wrote my CNF paper, I’ll be honest. This is my favorite style of writing. Because it’s happened to me already. I don’t have to make anything up. It’s just real, honest truth about personal experience.

(Source: me. I’m in Hobbiton!!!)

For this piece, I wrote about a trip I took to New Zealand in the summer of 2005 where my life was changed forever. After returning from my trip, I wrote about my experience to share with all those who sponsored me. I took what I had originally written (lowly high school junior me), and completely overhauled it for this assignment. It was amazing to look back and remember all those things that happened to me that summer, now being 6 years later.

The most difficult part of this process what how technical I should be. I mean, I wrote about a whole summer as an experience. It was a mission trip, so there were certain things I felt needed a detailed explanation – the ministry, certain activities (like evangelism, quiet time, etc.) that people may or may not be familiar with – in addition to the actual point of the paper, which was to explain how much I changed. I’m still not sure how important or unimportant the details are, but I’m still new to CNF as an assignment rather than for fun.