I have to admit – I am really enjoying this book. I wish I hadn’t gotten it as a rental now. πŸ™‚

Again, what struck me is the practical advice on how to draw more out of students. I was discussing this with a friend recently. She works one-on-one with an autistic boy in a regular kindergarten class. She explained to me how these kindergarteners are doing exactly what this book talks about – learning who they are as writers. She said something interesting that I thought could have been written in this book: “It takes a teacher who is really good at encouraging the creativity [in kids], but can also handle the silliness that comes with it.”



I’ve noticed that this book seems to beat the same drum of encouragement and guiding. As teachers, we encourage these students no matter if we think it isn’t correct. The guiding helps to prod more from them, not necessarily correction. It doesn’t matter if they are kindergarteners or eighth graders. Certainly, we’ll expect different levels of performance from each, but that doesn’t mean we talk them down from simply trying.